Dubai Marina Description

You can walk along the marina and gaze at the beautiful waters that are home to super luxury yachts.There are numerous restaurants and hotels with visitors being spoilt for dining experiences.
Expect tons of eateries, relaxed walks ( during soothing winters ), and good access to most desired shopping areas. Tall towers, hotels, and all kinds of architecturally stunning buildings surround the Marina waters. It almost is detached from the rest of the city in its vibe and glamour, and there in lies the appeal of the Marina.It has something for everyone, and enough to keep you coming back for more. The dizzying arrays of restaurants and cafes will take a while before one can be anywhere close to trying half of them.

The buildings in the Marina are renowned for their quality, finishes and the facilities available to residents. This ranges from outdoor pools, jacuzzis, tennis courts to cinema rooms.
The centre point of the Marina is ‘Marina Walk’. This has a stunning water feature that opens out to the widest part of the Marina to provide exceptional water views. There are a large number of restaurants that visitors can dine al fresco and enjoy the views on offers.

The Marina is a true representation of the status and luxury that Dubai is renowned for. It is a wonderful cosmopolitan area that will long be remembered.

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